My name is Marjorie J McDonald. I am a clothing and knitwear designer and professional pattern maker. My goal in designing and producing my lines of ladies ready-to-wear has been beautiful, wearable garments that fit.

I have been knitting on Passap knitting machines since 1989. I bought the first machine because I was attracted to the number and variety of patterns the machine could create and I saw the value of adding those knit fabrics to my lines of ready-to-wear.

In the fashion industry there are 6 different seasons so as a designer I created 6 different lines of clothing per year.

Many people have asked me to show them how to get started or get better with using the Passap.

You have several ways you can learn from me:

  • I offer a free  mini-course. Put in your name and email address in the opt in box to the right on the http://www.passapknitter.com site, confirm you really did intend to sign up on an email link that will be sent to you and the course will be start coming to you.
  • I have a membership site where I provide posts for the first 3 weeks of the month about a topic and on week 4 provide a recorded webinar/video giving more information and showing you additional information about that topic. As a member you have access to the information when it is convenient for you. If that is of interest to receive a class each month look on the navigation bar and click on  members. There is a monthly fee for this material.
  • I write articles and you can find them at http://www.passapknitter.com   Scroll to the navigation bar at the bottom of the page and click on additional articles and eBooks. In addition to the articles, the eBook I offer here is about Heavy Yarns and the Passap Knitter and gives you information about yarn, yarn conversions and how to use hand knitting yarn on your machine.
  • For the second eBook, on http://www.passapknitter.com   look to the right under recommended reading. Click on the link, make your purchase and download your eBook.
  • I do a monthly teaching video. For information about that you can go to the navigation bar on this site. You can join the monthly video club or purchase each video individually that is of interest to you.
  • On this site there are also videos on sewing your knits together, fitting and calculating for your size.
  • I teach at classes, guilds and for groups that hold seminars.

If there is something else you need help with,  hit contact in the navigation bar and send me your request. I will help you if I am able to do that. I do charge for my time so be aware of that before you send a request that is not covered in my information on my sites.

I only do clothing and will only cover how to use the machine in my courses or membership site. I will not be answering your maintenance questions or anything about repairs. There are plenty of resources for that available to you.