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Passap DM80-e6000

Learning how to use the DM 80 and the e6000. The DM 80 is the manual version and the e6000 is the electronic version of the knitting machine. You can use the e6000 to knit any DM80 patterns by not using the electronic console. The DM80 manuals did not come with an e6000. You can […]

Passap Cast Off

Here is the cast off that I use most of the time. How loose my knitting is will depend on how much I increase my back bed stitches. Change the front lock by moving the lever over to N. For 2/24 acrylic (which is great to practice with), leave stitch size on 3 and 3/4. […]

How To Get Passap Knitting Tutorials

Hi everyone my name is Marjorie J McDonald I’m a knit wear designer and have been asked repeatedly to create teaching tutorials for how to create some of the garments that I have available for my customers, clients and stores that I sell to.         The garment that I am wearing is […]

Using Your Passap E 6000 With Ease

The Passap E 6000 electronic knitting machine is one of the most versatile knitting machines available. It has quite a high learning curve because of the way the manuals were written and the options for finding information about how to use the machines are limited. I am a knitwear designer, use the knitting machine and […]