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How To Get Passap Knitting Tutorials | Passap E 6000

How To Get Passap Knitting Tutorials

by Marjorie ~ . Filed under: Passap E 6000.

Hi everyone my name is Marjorie J McDonald I’m a knit wear designer and have been asked repeatedly to create teaching tutorials for how to create some of the garments that I have available for my customers, clients and stores that I sell to.






The garment that I am wearing is a jacket that I created on the Passap e6000. It’s made out of 224 acrylic.

I didn’t care much for acrylic either when I first started, but it’s marvelous yarn, knits easily and is easy to care for. You may want to reconsider using it in the items that you are going to be doing.

Join me for this series of video tutorials and learn how to get from the yarn to a finished product. On either side of me you will see a pink and a blue foam board. Those are used for blocking, Yes, we do need to block our pieces as we are finished with knitting them before you begin the construction process.

What I’d like for you to do is find those at your local home improvement store. On the blue board, you’ll see a white square. That white square is interfacing that you can purchase at your local fabric store. It is just a lightweight non fusible interfacing. Be sure it’s not fusible. I’m going to show you how to create patterns out of that interfacing.

We’re going to use the yarn that we have knit. We’re going to place it onto the template that I’m going to teach you how to create for your garment and we’re going to block it before we start the construction of your final garment. Those items you will need to scout up if you’re going to join me for the series of video tutorials which I hope you will.