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Members | Passap E 6000


Every week you will get content and every month in week 4 you will get a recorded webinar of the next step you need to build your Passap knitting skill. The recording is in the members area so you can watch at your convenience. Plus you will get bonus information each month you remain a member.

Also in the members area you get to submit topics, questions and vote on what you would like to see as the next special bonus that you will get with your membership the following month.

Are you ready to be extraordinary?

Your teacher is ready – will the student appear?

Ok, now that you know exactly what you are getting and how it can change your life, you have three options:

  • Ignore This New found Information (This Is Called Passing Up A Great Opportunity)
  • Think About Whether Or Not This Is For You (When There’s No Risk Involved, This Is Called Procrastination)
  • Own This Information And Put It To Use (This Is Called Being Proactive And Taking Action)

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