Passap Cast Off

by Marjorie ~ . Filed under: Passap E 6000.

Here is the cast off that I use most of the time. How loose my knitting is will depend on how much I increase my back bed stitches. Change the front lock by moving the lever over to N. For 2/24 acrylic (which is great to practice with), leave stitch size on 3 and 3/4. For the back bed move up the stitch size 3/4 of a stitch size. To do that go 1 2 3 clicks which puts it at 4 and 1/2 for the stitch size.

You will get the feel for your yarn with experience and practice. Knitting a sample first to try the different size of the castoffs is always a good plan. You can get the gauge you like plus the castoff that works best for your project.

Knit one row from right to left to get your set up row. Move up the back stitch size up other 3/4 of a stitch. To do that go 1 2 3 clicks which puts your stitch size on 5 and 1/4 for the back bed. Put the racking handle up into the 12 o’clock position. That makes it easier to transfer the stitches over from the back bed to the front bed.

ADD ************************************

Make sure that all of the back bed needles are in working position because you are going to use them again. Next put the racking handle back into the six o’clock position. Set both locks to N-N.

When you look at the needle bed you have single bed knitting. You will knit back left to right to produce double bed knitting for the next step of the cast off. To prepare for going from single bed knitting to double bed knitting, use a black stripper on the front lock. Knit one row. That completes our cast off as far as knitting.

Pull out enough yarn to start the cast off process. You will NOT be knitting on the back bed so make sure all pushers are out of work because a B X will give you a free motion, where G X if you accidentally have a needle up can break your needle. Release the beds so they open up. Hold you hand under the front bed as you bring it down so it does not drop. Take the weights off.

Your cast off looks like a chain stitch after you get through casting off and it makes a very nice cast off which looks like the cast on edge. You can change the increase of your back bed stitch size to give you a bigger loop if you need a nice stretchy cast off or you can have a very tight cast off. This lesson did 3 and 3/4 on the front and a total of 1 and 1/2 increases between the two rows that were knit. It gives you a very nice cast off finish.