How To Apply The 7 Knit Shaping Formulas

There are 7 formulas that need to be covered for knitting a sweater, jacket or coat to get the best fit in your garment so your time and energy in creating will be rewarded with a great fitting garment. You may want to purchase the Knit Shaping Formulas Print Out to use as a reference while watching the video. You will find it under the Tools section on the navigation bar.

These are the Essential 7 formulas covered in this video which are needed for knitting success.

Body Shaping Formula
Shoulder Shaping Formula
Armhole Shaping Formula
Front Neck Shaping Formula
Back Neck Shaping Formula
Sleeve Shaping Formula
Sleeve Cap Shaping Formula

This video demonstrates each separately and then shows how to put all of the formulas together to have the knit garment fit of your dreams making all of your work and time pay off for you with rave reviews and comfort whether garment is for yourself or someone else.

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