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Using Your Passap E 6000 With Ease | Passap E 6000

Using Your Passap E 6000 With Ease

by Marjorie ~ . Filed under: Passap E 6000.

The Passap E 6000 electronic knitting machine is one of the most versatile knitting machines available. It has quite a high learning curve because of the way the manuals were written and the options for finding information about how to use the machines are limited.

I am a knitwear designer, use the knitting machine and have been asked to create video tutorials for how to start, use the machine with ease and get finished items off the machine and in use. I lean more toward clothing because I am a clothing designer but, you can use the information for other types of items as well.

The tutorials are design information, tips that will help you create the design and things that could be a problem if you were not aware of them.These are items I designed and sold to stores and have found to be easy to do and give great results for you to have immediate success with your knitting as well as increase your confidence.

If you want the exact instructions for the design or stitch pattern/technique to make the design, patterns are available for a $10.00 per garment fee. Contact me and I will make arrangements to send you a pdf of the step by step process.

The garments are for your personal use only. If you want to make them and sell them, you must contact me for permission.

For those who are new to the machine, have some experience but are having difficulty getting finished projects off of the machine or have the machine but haven’t used it for awhile and need a refresher, I have started a members site.

You will get a content post for the first 3 weeks of the month about a subject-project and a video/webinar on week 4 to walk you through the content posts, add additional information and the steps to complete the project so you can see the process. The member information is Here

Many people are trying to use the machine without learning how and could potentially damage their machines so the basics are important to know and review. I have been using this machine for 22+ years and I review every year. What that has done for me is keep the function of the machine and how it performs fresh so I am able to use the machine with ease. In the process, I discover things I never have seen before, and remember things that I forgot that would help me in the knitting setup, knitting and finishing if I did them again.

If you have a machine and are intimidated by it, the members site could help you get over that. Consider joining. Here